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Astragalus has a history of being used in traditional medicine throughout the east. It’s roots been consumed as tea in Chinese medicine for its anti-bacterial and immune boosting effects while the root extracts dissolved in water has been used in the middle east as natural hair serums. The plants’ strong benefits for hair and body are being studied more extensively in the recent years.



Having used the magic of Astragalus root extract early in their lives, GAVÉAN founders created this shampoo and conditioner with one goal in mind: to utilize the properties of Astragalus root and several other naturally occurring herbs such as chia seed oil, nettle extract, basil, hibiscus, burdock root extract, rice protein and lavender oil into a product that not only won’t deprive hair of its basic elements, but would enable a healthy hair regimen. Each of the key ingredients been shown to support hair care in traditional and folk medicine and new research about their benefits keeps adding to their historical value.

+ - Hair Care

As a mixture of plant-derived ingredients GAVÉAN takes pride in this duo to be free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phosphates and Silicones as well as color stripping chemicals. It is also shown to be safe on Keratin treated hair and contains no gluten; making it a great candidate for those with sensitivities like allergies to gluten.

+ - Use

Understanding this product and its background is important in ripping the benefits of what it has to offer.

The shampoo is designed to interact with the scalp and roots to prepare the ground for the conditioner to perform as designed. Depending on the frequency of shampooing and buildup, it may take up to two rounds of shampooing to achieve the desired result.

Work gently through hair using fingertips to ensure shampoo reaches everywhere on the scalp. Do not comb. Gently rinse under warm water and follow with conditioner.

Depending on hair volume and length, adjust the amount of conditioner to ensure adequate coverage to the roots and body of hair.

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